The International Foundation for Survival Research (IFSR) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization formed in 1983 to foster public awareness of personal experiences and research suggesting consciousness beyond death.

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Life After Death Experiences and Implications

IFSR gives an informational booklet at no cost to hospices, hospitals, and senior facilities. The booklet includes some of the several different types of experiences suggesting life beyond death.

Experiences pointing to life beyond death include deathbed visions, out-of-body experiences, instrumental transcommunication, phone calls from the dead, apparitions, mental mediumship, spontaneous cases, “reincarnation” cases, near-death experiences, guidance experiences, and physical mediumship.

These experiences often encourage people to lead more enriching lives.   They may:

  • See heightened importance to their life and its purpose
  • Have less fear of death
  • See death as a new beginning

IFSR’s education services include:

  • sponsorship of public programs – talks, discussions and conferences
  • sharing information through this website, a booklet, and other written materials

We invite you to review our website and please review IFSR’s “Glimpses of the Beyond” booklet for additional information.